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Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at Providence Lake are for the enjoyment of its residents and their guests.  To book a court, please read the Tennis Rules below and fill out the form acknowledging that you have read and understand the tennis rules.  You will be sent tennis court booking instructions once your acceptance is received.

Gate Codes

Tennis Rules

The tennis courts are for the pleasure and enjoyment of Providence Lake residents and guests who accompany them. Your assistance is needed to help make it a fun and safe facility. Failure to comply with the following rules, in the spirit of neighborhood cooperation, common courtesies, and respect for all residents, may result in suspension of rights for Team and/or Individuals to use the tennis courts and/or fines as imposed by Providence Lake Homeowners Association.


General Rules governing court usage:


RULE 1: Keeping courts clean and in good condition

1.1    Every resident reserving a court is responsible for cleaning the court of their items and leaving it in acceptable condition following use.

         Please ensure all gates (court & pool area) are closed completely.

1.2    Only rubber-soled, non-marking athletic/tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. No street or dress shoes are allowed.

1.3    No glass containers of any type are permitted on the tennis courts or on the surrounding recreational areas.

1.4    No activities other than tennis are allowed on the courts. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

a) NO skateboarding, roller-blading/skating, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, bike riding, toys, playpens, motorized scooters of any sort, or fireworks.

b) Violators are subject to $50 fine imposed by PLHA and may be barred from any/all facilities for a minimum of 30 days. Payment for any damage to any of the facilities will be the responsibility of the player(s) involved.


RULE 2: Reserving and playing on Providence Lake courts

2.1      Courts are for use by Providence Lake residents (in good standing with PLHA) and their guests only.

2.2      Residents must reserve courts by accessing the website, as reservations supersede walk-ons without reservations. Please                 request site access code and instructions by filling out the Tennis Rules form on the PLHA website, Instructions will be sent to you by the Tennis Chairs.

2.3      Team League matches such as ALTA and or USTA, which require the use of two courts, supersede all other reservations. To avoid conflicts, team                   league captains should set their reservations at the beginning of each season when schedule is received. If you are playing a regulation match and             need more time to complete the match, the reservation following your match must wait for your completion.

2.4      Individual type League match such as T-2, Ultimate, etc., involving the use of only one court, may only have 1 court reserved for their individual                   matches. To avoid conflict, it’s a good rule of thumb not to reserve a court directly at the end of a league match reservation, in the event that their                 matches run long.


RULE 3: Court Code of Conduct

3.1      Please wait until play has stopped before crossing behind other players or retrieving a ball.

3.2      Return balls for other players whenever possible.

3.3      Please wait until play has stopped on other court before entering or leaving the courts.

3.4      Players that have made a reservation directly behind league play (ALTA & USTA), must wait for their reserved court to be vacated at the end of play,             or may use any open court for play. It is never permissible to interrupt a match in play to remove players from the court. If such an event occurs,                   please make sure to report the issue to the PLHA Tennis Chairs for review.

3.5      Keep court gates closed during play.

3.6      Please avoid loud conversations, abusive language, or any other actions, which may distract others players.

3.7      Unsportsmanlike conduct is to be reported to PLHA Tennis Chairs. Players with 3 or more unsportsmanlike conduct complaints against them will be               barred from use of the facilities for a minimum of 30 days, including removal of court reservation access.

3.8      Only players are allowed on the courts. No spectators or visitors should be on the courts at any time.

RULE 4: League Play
4.1      All Tennis League (ALTA, USTA, T2, etc..) play out of Providence Lake should be reported to the Tennis Chairs.
4.2      The following should be shared with the Tennis Chairs (
           --Team Roster, please note the Captain, Providence Lake Residents, and Non-PL Residents
           --League Season and expected duration of season
           --Date/Time of League play (i.e. Thursday Afternoon, Saturday Morning, etc..) 
4.3      There is a $25 per season per Non-PL Resident charge to play League Tennis out of Providence Lake. The team captain shall be responsible for                   collecting this fee and remitting payment to the management company. This fee helps offset the ongoing expenses of the facilities.

Please complete the following form to receive instructions for reserving courts for you and your family.

On behalf of myself and my family, I acknowledge that we have read and understand the above rules and hereby agree to abide by them in full.

Thank you for submitting, you will be sent court registration instructions shortly.

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