Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Responsible for community compliance of our restrictive covenants. Please contact the ACC for approval before starting any project having a significant impact on your lot (tree cutting, major landscaping, or additions or modifications to structures). Consult the covenants for details.

Chair: TBD    Members: All emails will go to the board until a new ACC committee is established.

Request for Architectural Modification-ACC Application

Please ensure ACC Applications are send to:

Grounds Committee
Responsible for all common areas other than pool and clubhouse. Involves proactive projects and work with landscaper.

Chair: Doris Garcia  Members: Carlos Garcia & Vicky Wyche   

Lake & Dam Committee

Responsible for maintenance and ongoing concerns pertaining to Providence Lake & Dam.

Co-Chairs: Valerie Aaron, Rob Aaron, Sue Bisciotti & Charles Feyt

Pool & Clubhouse Committee
Responsible for ongoing operations (scheduling), maintenance, and improvements to our pool and clubhouse.

Pool Committee: Jay Walsh, Beth Middleton & Tara Schoeller

Clubhouse Chair:  Leisa Odom-Kurtz, Members:  Landon Hoffman
Clubhouse Reservations:  Georgina Farris, please submit reservation requests through clubhouse page)

Tennis Committee

Responsible for issues pertaining to the tennis court area, and the neighborhood association with ALTA.

Chair: TBD     Members:  All emails will go to the board until a new tennis committee is established.


Responsible for management of our community Google and Facebook Groups.

Chair: Jan Fowler

Community Emergency Response Team

Coordinates severe weather action with City of Milton, responsible for road salt distribution, Neighborhood Watch program.

Chair: [To be confirmed]

Members: Bob Allen, Dwight Allen, Joni Allen, Dan Anderson, Bill Burke, Kirk Caldwell, Mike Clark, Charlie & Debbie Cornett, Shelley Dunson-Allen, Jan Fowler, Larry Gosselin, Ken Kurtz, Yvonne Latorre,  Mark O'Brien, Bob & Cheryl O'Donnell,  James Swain, Jay & Janette Walsh, Hal & Dee Weinstein, Randall Wiley, Jack Wyche, Gessyka & Chris Young, Bill & Georgina Farris

Welcoming Committee

The point of contact for all new residents to Providence Lake, responsible for posting Front Entrance messages.    

Co-Chairs: Janette Walsh & Maureen Chambers


Responsible for the website.

Chair: Georgina Farris

Youth Social Committee

Responsible for the creation and promotion of ongoing youth social and related activities within the neighborhood.

Chair: TBD

Adult Social Committee

Responsible for the creation and promotion of adult social activities within the neighborhood.

Chairs: TBD  Members:  Hal Weinstein 


Providence Lake HOA

c/o Integrity AMG

3245 Peachtree Pkwy, suite D-242

Suwanee, GA  30024