Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Responsible for community compliance of our restrictive covenants. Please contact the ACC for approval before starting any project having a significant impact on your lot (tree cutting, major landscaping, or additions or modifications to structures). Consult the covenants for details.

Chair: TBD    Members: All emails will go to the board until a new ACC committee is established.

Please visit:

for ACC Requests, please ensure to attach any pertinent documents for your planned project.

Grounds Committee

Responsible for all common areas other than pool and clubhouse. Involves proactive projects and work with landscaper.

Chair: Doris Garcia  Members: Carlos Garcia & Vicky Wyche   

Lake & Dam Committee

Responsible for maintenance and ongoing concerns pertaining to Providence Lake & Dam.

Co-Chairs: Valerie Aaron, Rob Aaron, Sue Bisciotti & Charles Feyt

Pool & Clubhouse Committee

Responsible for ongoing operations (scheduling), maintenance, and improvements to our pool and clubhouse.

Pool Committee: Jay Walsh, Beth Middleton & Tara Schoeller

Clubhouse Chair:  TBD, Members:  TBD
Clubhouse Reservations:  Georgina Farris, please submit reservation requests through clubhouse page)

Tennis Committee

Responsible for issues pertaining to the tennis court area, and the neighborhood association with ALTA.

Chair: TBD     Members:  All emails will go to the board until a new tennis committee is established.


Responsible for management of our community Google and Facebook Groups.

Chair: Jan Fowler

Community Emergency Response Team

Coordinates severe weather action with City of Milton, responsible for road salt distribution, Neighborhood Watch program.

Chair: [To be confirmed]

Members: Bob Allen, Dwight Allen, Joni Allen, Dan Anderson, Bill Burke, Kirk Caldwell, Mike Clark, Charlie & Debbie Cornett, Shelley Dunson-Allen, Jan Fowler, Larry Gosselin, Ken Kurtz, Yvonne Latorre,  Mark O'Brien, Bob & Cheryl O'Donnell,  James Swain, Jay & Janette Walsh, Hal & Dee Weinstein, Randall Wiley, Jack Wyche, Gessyka & Chris Young, Bill & Georgina Farris

Welcoming Committee

The point of contact for all new residents to Providence Lake, responsible for posting Front Entrance messages.    

Co-Chairs: Janette Walsh & Maureen Chambers


Responsible for the website.

Chair: Georgina Farris

Youth Social Committee

Responsible for the creation and promotion of ongoing youth social and related activities within the neighborhood.

Chair: Blair Hoffman

Adult Social Committee

Responsible for the creation and promotion of adult social activities within the neighborhood.

Chairs: TBD  Members:  Hal Weinstein