Providence Lake boasts a salt water pool for the enjoyment of the Providence Lake residents and their guests who accompany them.

Gate Codes

Your assistance is needed to help make it a fun, safe, and sanitary facility. Parents are requested to advise their children of the pool rules and necessary safety precautions which can be found at the bottom of this page.



The pool will be open May 24 and will close for the season September 30 (furniture stored and cover installed). The pool is available for use from 10:00am until 11:00pm Monday through Sunday.



As a reminder, there is no lifeguard service, so swim at your own risk. We have found that parents are very vigilant of their children and their activities in the pool area, and that the very high cost of paying for the lifeguards was not merited. So, please continue your vigilance of your children while at the pool and carefully read the pool rules, and reinforce those rules with your children often during the summer. 



If you have any issues with the pool, please contact any of the members of the Providence Lake Pool Committee. If you are unable to reach any pool committee members, please contact our pool maintenance company directly: AquaMaster Inc., and the contact person is Bob Steele at 404-277-2754.


Pool Parties

You are no longer required to have lifeguards at your party, due to the fact that we no longer have lifeguards at the pool. However, for the safety of your family and guests, the Association and the Pool Committee recommend that you hire lifeguards for your pool parties at our pool, and especially for parties:

  • where more than 15 people will be swimming

  • or that it is a teenage or college age party

  • or where alcohol will be served.


Swimming Lessons

Providence Lake members are welcome to hire a swimming instructor and use the pool for their own, personal, private swimming lessons.


  1. NO DIVING. The maximum pool depth is only 5 feet at the deep end.

  2. Do not eat or chew gum while swimming. NO GLASS is allowed in the pool area.

  3. No tricycles, bicycles, wagons, skateboards, roller blades, or similar non-pool toys are allowed in the pool area.

  4. Moderate consumption of alcohol is permitted for persons 21 or older.

  5. Battery powered radios with earphones are OK. No AC powered electrical devices are allowed.

  6. Please shower before using the pool.

  7. People with body contagions should not use the pool.

  8. Children unable to pass the PLHA standard swim test (swim 1 full lap, tread water, recite pool safety rules) and children under 14 must be directly supervised by an adult.

  9. No horseplay (such as running, pushing, dunking, or excessive splashing) is permitted.

  10. Calling for "HELP" when help is not needed is not permitted.

  11. No profanity, improper behavior, or vulgar remarks are permitted.

  12. Only appropriate swim attire is allowed in the pool. Supplementary protection (swimming diaper) is required for non potty-trained children.

  13. Guests must be accompanied by a resident. A maximum of three guests at a time are allowed for residents under 16 without the prior approval of the PLHA.

  14. Positively NO PETS are allowed in the fenced pool area.

  15. Food is to be consumed only at the tables, chairs, and lounges (away from the water).

  16. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do not swim alone or swim when there is lightning. All pool rules and common sense apply when swimming at your own risk.

  17. Those under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

  18. NO SMOKING is permitted in the Pool area or the Clubhouse Pavilion.

  19. Functions must end by 11:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and by midnight on Friday and Saturday, with the exception of community sponsored events.

  20. Abusers of the facilities will be barred from any or all of the facilities for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Payment for any damage to any of the facilities will be the responsibility of the homeowner(s) involved.