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Area Development

Chadwick Estates  The development behind Gunston Hall Circle (and pool) is called Chadwick Estates and is being developed by The Saw Companies.  The site sits on 35.96 acres and will contain 23 single family homes.  Chadwick Estates will be entered through a single paved public roadway on Arnold Mill Road.  The plans show an expansion road (dead end), an existing dirt road titled Holly Road which intersects with Chadwick Road (dirt road). This development has lots that run parallel to Chadwick landfill.  An additional water line is being planned down Arnold Mill to support this development. Sewage disposal is individual septic tank systems.  The site contains a three acre lake, a small creek, and many large oak, poplar, and pine trees.  Chadwick Estates is considering a nature pathway within its community which may extend to Providence Lake.

Westminster Place  This residential subdivision is one you’re probably more aware of as it is directly across from the main entrance from Providence Lake Drive.  Developed by Kennedy Development Company of Duluth, the site is within a flood zone and consists of 27.71 acres with 14 lots proposed.  The development is zoned AG-1, with building setbacks of: front 60 ft.; interior line 25 ft.; adjacent to street 40 ft.; and rear 50ft.  The homes will be served by individual septic systems.  The site contains two landscaped detention ponds one parallel to New Providence Road and the second at the back of the development.  The development plans to keep open 8.61 acres of open space which contains Cooper Sandy Creek with floodway buffer zones.  The project will contain five foot wide sidewalks, a one hundred and twenty five foot tapered turn-in lane and a gated entry.  Dates of site construction are planned for March 2006 through September 2006.


Waste Management runs the Chadwick landfill that abuts the neighborhood - see the subdivision plats and maps page.  Their information is:

Chadwick Road Landfill - 770-475-9868 Accepts tree trimmings and construction debris.
13700 Chadwick Farm Blvd. Roswell, GA 30075
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 7:00am-5:00pm; Saturday 7:00am-11:00am

The most common question we get is "When will the landfill be finished?".  The answer is not easy to predict as it depends upon the amount of construction and storm damage in the area.  They have completed the work in the area immediately along the property line and are now progressing away from the neighborhood.  It will still be a couple of years at the current rate before the section near out neighborhood is completed.  Once the section is completed, it will remain dormant / undeveloped for 40 years.

The landfill is controlled by Fulton County Public Works - Solid Waste Management division.  Consult the Fulton County Landfills page for more information.

The current use permit development standards for hours of operation are: Limit hours of operation from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.   The City of Milton has some enforcement powers, mostly related to its noise ordinance.   So, we can report noise coming from the landfill that is outside of permitted hours.   The noise that has been reported to me is mostly large machine backing up beeping noise.  If we hear any such noise, we have been instructed to call the Milton non-emergency Police Dept. number at (678) 297.6300.  


Burning smells from the landfill should be reported to Patrick Brand of EPD:  (404) 362.2621,   Once a report is received, Mr. Brand, or another EPD staffer will go out to perform a complaint inspection.  Apparently, EPD was not aware of the many fires that have occurred at the landfill.   EPD said there should not have been fires if the landfill had been maintained properly.


Should we experience a vulture or mosquito infestation, or foul odors, we should contact Mr. Brand at the EPD, so a complaint inspection could be scheduled. 



We support the Birmingham - Hopewell Alliance in their efforts to manage the development of the surrounding area.

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